Everness Festival June 19-24th, 2019

Everness Festival exhibition and workshop at Alsóörs, Hungary.

International Surrealism Now exhibition at Vieira de Leiria

International Surrealism Now of the 21st century presents a strong force for freedom of creativity, love and hope. This can be see in the works of the personal visions of 118 of the world’s leading surrealism artists representing the hopes, dreams and idealogies of 49 countries proposing new perspectives, solutions and healing journeys.

My painting "Emerald night" at leftMy painting "Emerald night" in the middleMy painting "Emerald night" at left
Exhibition at Eger, Hungary, Gallery Agria Park

Exhibition at Eger, Hungary, Gallery Agria Park, 08 December 2018 - 17 January 2019

Exhibition placardExhibition opening Exhibition opening Exhibition opening Exhibition opening Exhibition opening Exhibition opening Exhibition opening Exhibition viewExhibition detailExhibition detailExhibition detailExhibition detailExhibition detailGallery Agria Park
Etchings on circle plate, December 2018
Etching plate making processFinal touchesLast cauteryStrawberry house first printThe house of the endless cruising - plate making processFinal touchesDetail of the plateThe finished plateDetail of the plateThe house of the endless cruising - first printThe house of the endless cruising - in black core matboardThe house of the endless cruising - print detail
Exhibition at the Library of Wigner Secondary School, Eger, November 2018
Art Camp 7, Eger, 2018 summer
Exhibition at MagNet Community House, Budapest, 03 March - 30 April 2018
Exhibition at Mamaison Residence Izabella Budapest, 04-26 November 2017
Studio 09.24.2017

Painting process: Land of crystalflowers (Dante meets Beatrice, Hommage á Gulacsy)
2 parts, oil on canvas, 200x100cm

Art Camp 6, Eger, 2017
International Surrealism Now exhibition

The 2017 “International Surrealism Now” exhibition includes more than 100 artists from 48 countries, and the list keeps growing. The new edition of Surrealism Now will be at POROS Museum in Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal, on September 17, 2017.




Viva Natura Festival, Budapest, 2017.06.05
Studio 2017.02.11

Amongst new and unfinished paintings

Message of the Earth

Group exhibition in Eger, Agria Park

Art Camp 5, Eger, 2016
Exhibition at Berekfürdő, Hungary, 2016.05.13
creative room 4 talk - Interview: Zoltan Ducsai
Studio 2015.10.23

New paintings

Art Camp 4, Eger, 2015
Vienna 2015.07

Meeting with my friend maestro Otto Rapp, over and above Hundertwasser and Archimboldo...

Comedium Corso 2015.05.23-25

Comedium Corso street theater and contemporary art festival, Esztergom, Hungary

Exhibition at Club Brody 5, Eger, 2015.03.05
Exhibition at the Gallery of City Hotel Miskolc, 2014.03.10
Studio 2014.09.27

New paintings

Art Camp 3, Eger, 2014
Visiting painter Istvan Cene Gal at his studio, Cered, Hungary
Art Camp Eger, 2013
Studio 2013 january

New paintings

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