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Upcoming event: Participation at Small Graphics Biennale at Hatvani Gallery

My etching series (Coraltree 1, Coraltree 3, Coraltree 2) will be going to view at Small Graphics Biennale, Hatvan, Hungary

coraltree 1-3-2



LITHAIRE 2024 surrealist literary and visual art anthology contains the works of five members of the Budapest Surrealist Society - including my paintings.

New album of Maya Prog Band

My painting 'Trip around the blue coral' is on the cover of the new album of Maya Prog Band tittled Fading Tomorrow.

Maya Prog Band


Group exhibition at Agria Park Gallery 16 March 2024-11 Apr 2024

Exhibition at Gyöngyössolymos (01 March,2024-14 March,2024)

Group exhibition at St.Andrea Vineyard, Egerszalók, Hungary

Group exhibition 26.01-19.03

New painting in the foreground of the Wigner Kollégium, Eger

Solo exhibition at Agria Park Gallery, Eger, Hungary / 18 August-14 September

IV. Street Festival of Fine Arts, Eger, 26-30 July, 2023

Exhibition at Várpalota, from 18 May to 20 July